Debra L. Lee

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, BET Network


“Congressman James Clyburn has displayed a rare mix of wisdom, wit and compassion throughout his illustrious career. He’s been a pillar of the community and well-respected representative of the people whether he’s on the House floor or at the annual fish fry back in his district. He’s a tireless statesman and true Southern gentleman who has demonstrated that he has the courage to challenge conventional wisdom, the political clout to build consensus, and the unwavering commitment to be a champion for those whose agenda is to reach higher ground.”

John Hurst Adams

87th bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church


“The remarkable life, career, and growing legacy of James Clyburn is a story that had to be told and is best told by he who lived it. The upward climb from obscurity to leadership positions in South Carolina and the United States Congress is inspiring and motivation to dream both long and large. The achievements are the more inspiring because Jim Clyburn achieved success as a state official and national leader coming from a state that still embraces and endorses the Confederacy….”

Warren Buffett

“Jim Clyburn’s book Blessed Experiences has captured not just the history of this tireless leader’s more-than-four decades in public service, but also a sense of the times. While Jim has broken many barriers as the most significant African American member of Congress, his true success comes from his approach to collaboration on the national issues, as well as his ability to understand the needs of the constituency that he represents.”

Lonnie G. Bunch

Founding Director, Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture


“This candid autobiography… powerfully illuminates America’s struggle to free itself from the despair and discrimination that accompanied Jim Crow segregation. Clyburn’s words make clear how central the role of local and grass roots activism was in the struggle to find racial justice in places like South Carolina, and helps us better understand the origins of Clyburn’s lifelong commitment to help America become a country where fairness and equality trump bigotry and hopelessness.”

Drew Gilpin Faust

President and Lincoln Professor of History, Harvard University

Harvard University president, Drew Gilpin Faust

“A remarkable chronicle of a remarkable life, Blessed Experiences provides a vivid and unforgettable portrait of the Jim Crow South on the eve of its extinction and of a man dedicated to bringing its oppression and injustice to an end. James Clyburn helps us remember our all-too-recent past and the struggles and sacrifices he and so many others endured to build a better world for us all.”

Joe Biden


“There are few people with more character and integrity, or who have lived a more interesting and dynamic life, than Jim Clyburn. He has great insight, and it’s been my honor to serve with him.”

Ernest F. “Fritz” Hollings

Former U.S. Senator


“Teddy Roosevelt famously praised ‘the man in the arena.’ Jim Clyburn’s inspirational memoir clearly shows the achievements of a man who has lived his life battling in the arena—a master politician and leading figure in the civil rights movement in South Carolina, reflecting on his life and motivations.”